About US

We are Elena and Pilar, two Argentinean friends living in LA. We were both born and raised in the same city, Buenos Aires, but only met a couple of years ago through a mutual friend in LA. We ended up being neighbors and instantly became friends. House of Mate was born out of this friendship. A brand set in California but with deep roots in Argentina, just like us. 

Our brand essence comes from our home country traditions. While enjoying sunsets at the beach, we talked about the opportunity of sharing the uniqueness of this superfood drink called Mate (pronounced mah-teh). Things escalated quickly from there as we started dreaming about showcasing more Argentinean products we love and somehow can't seem to find abroad.

We started House of Mate as a place where you can fall in love with yerba mate, but also with craftsmanship and design. Our product star is the traditional Mate drink our ancestors used to share, and our personal dream is to celebrate and spread its benefits to everyone. But as fashion and design also run through our veins, we also curated a selection of very special Argentinean products. Each one designed placing equal value on craftsmanship and aesthetics. Our concept store has one of a kind finds, inspired by our country's vibrant creativity and the elevated quality standards our leather local industry has.




We believe that simple things in life are usually the greatest

We believe in creating meaningful moments. Either it is a good conversation, an 8hs caught up with a friend you haven’t seen in while, taking that roadtrip you’ve planning for months, reuniting with family, or just taking the time to have that “me moment” you’ve needing for while. We believe in slowing down.

We believe in taking care of our body. Feeling well physically, helps you to feel well emotionally. Infusing your body with natural energy can change the way of starting your day.

We believe that in order to connect, sometimes we need to disconnect.  Mate is the exact opposite of television and 2nd screening: it makes you talk if you are with someone, and it makes you think when you are alone. We believe in being present now.

We believe in sharing. And we believe in the beauty of today’s multicultural world and in embracing other cultures and traditions. We hope you love ours! :)

We believe in enjoying life, one Mate at a time